Oswald’s trip to Mexico

This story is an extremely interesting one especially for any of our conspiracy theorist out there. As many of you know the basic wisdom is that Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F. Kennedy in Dallas. But there have been a vast amount of books and movies that have claimed that it was a conspiracy and that really and the murders were CIA, the FBI, Lyndon Johnson, Cuba, the KGB and a lot of other possible suspects. One thing that we can point to though is that Lee Harvey Oswald was certainly in Mexico for short amount of time before the assassination of Kennedy. Many people believe that he was trying to get a visa to travel to Cuba where he planned to defect and he wanted to join the queue was great revolution. Other people say that the man who did go into the Cuban embassy was not Harvey Oswald but a different man. Some say that the CIA was watching the Cuban embassy in Mexico City and was taking pictures of everyone that came in and now and somehow they missed Lee Harvey Oswald. Initially they produce pictures that showed another man and said it was Lee Harvey Oswald when you can clearly look at the picture and see as a completely different man with a different build.

Come to find out that the CIA had him under surveillance after he showed up at the Cuban and Soviet embassies. And also seems a later after the Kennedy assassination the US ambassador to Mexico was ordered by the director of the CIA, Dean Rusk to shut down any investigation that they had going in Mexico that might confirm rumors of a Cuban involvement in Kennedy’s assassination. When the ambassador asked for a reason no reason was given.

There were many members of the American administration and government that believed that Oswald was in fact an agent for a foreign power who may have been part of the conspiracy to kill Kennedy. It is still unknown what happened to Mexico City in those weeks before JFK’s murder. It is clear though that Oswald six-day trip to Mexico was never truly investigated by the CIA, the State Department or the FBI and as a result was not investigated by the Warren commission either.

One has to wonder what kind of secrets may turn up in the future about Oswald’s Mexico trip that could shed more light on what truly happened during the assassination of JFK. And how will Obama’s recent warming to Cuba and normalizing of relationship will affect this. Will future government administrations downplay any historical link between Cuba and the assassination of JFK so that they can move forward with the Cuban-American relationship? For more information check out this link



Ted Cruz is Running


It looks like Ted Cruz has confirmed on Twitter that he will run in 2016 for president. He is the first official candidate to announce his candidacy and he’s decided to start before other candidates are expected to put their hat in the ring. As everyone who visits this website knows Ted Cruz is a tea party Republican who was elected to the Senate in 2012. He will probably be joined by Florida Ctr., Marco Rubio and Kentucky tender ran Paul. Of course were also waiting for Jeb Bush to decide if he’s going to run or not. The winner of the primary is going to probably go up against Hillary Clinton but Elizabeth warned if she decides to run could be a dark course for the Democratic nomination.

Generally the primary is a good workout like this. The candidates are going to fight each other to move his right as possible or in the democratics situation has left is possible to get the Democratic or the Republican hard-core groups votes. Remember Republicans vote in the primary for Republican candidates so the middle or the moderate is not really there as much as you’d see it in the general election. Now what someone like Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush want to do is win the nomination without going too far from the center. They want to do this so that they don’t have to backtrack and look like liars when they start their national election campaign. Almost always for the general election you have to try your best to stick to the center or moderate views because you know that even if you’re not conservative enough the Republicans are never going to start voting for Hillary Clinton. And vice versa to matter how moderate you are Democrats are not going to vote for Jeb Bush over Hillary Clinton. So it’s a difficult tight wire acts that these candidates must play. Candidates like Ted Cruz have a different game plan. They are already far to the right so what they generally are aiming to do is do well in the primaries maybe come in second or even third and then use that to be offered later a nice position in the administration or even better the vice presidential job. What Republican strategists want to do is have a primary where the candies decided without too much bloodletting. Sometimes the primaries can get very passionate and hard slinging and with that they are basically beaten each other out before the main opponent. Democratic strategies have the same idea. They want to see Hillary Clinton when the primary with as little bloodletting as possible so that she doesn’t open up any cuts that the Republican nominee can attack in the general election. If you’re looking for more information about cruises announcement check out this link .


Our Special New Member

Japanese-Hairstyles-for-Men-2015We have a new member. His name is Tanaka. He is from Japan. Now may be a lot of you are thinking that it would be odd for a tea party associated website to have a Japanese board member. But this is wrong. Because we are about ideas not nationalities.

For some of you that know me personally you know that for many years I have been sponsoring many Asian high school students so that they can come to America and study at some of our better colleges. This year Tanaka came to our house from Japan a couple years ago Tanaka’s family and house was destroyed by a great tsunami. Buckley most of his family survived. But they had to use the money that they originally saved for Tanaka’s education to find a new home. This is where we heard about Tanaka story and offered him a scholarship.

Right now he is studying at a school to improve his English and next year he will apply to one of granite states great universities. First he has to get a score of 700 points on an English test called the TOEIC test. I tried to help Tanaka study for it but most of the questions I myself didn’t understand. But together we went online and found a good website (http://www.goodwinenglish.com) that seems to be improving his score.
Tanaka has been coming with us too many rallies and just helping everyone and being kind to everyone. Of course I doubt that he understands the intricate nuances of our arguments and of the arguments of the left but nevertheless is a very nice and friendly young man that we are very proud to be able to help. And if he has the same political ideas as we do or not doesn’t matter we will still love him.

As long as he doesn’t turn into a socialist.

FBI – watching the Tea Parties!

It seems that we had more folks at the Tea Parties than what I thought:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a clandestine monitoring operation on last week’s Tea Party protests, filming and cataloging the hundreds of thousands of Americans who acted on their First Amendment right to Free Speech.

The FBI operation reportedly began on March 29 with a single-page memo to the organization’s 56 field offices, mandating data collection on American citizens who were planning the demonstrations. The Special Agents in Charge (SACs) were instructed to verify the date, time and location of each TEA Party within their region and supply that information to FBI headquarters in Washington.

A second directive, issued on April 6, instructed the SACs of each field office “to coordinate and conduct, either at the field office level and/or with the appropriate resident agency, covert video surveillance and data collection of the participants of the TEA parties.” Surveillance was to be performed from “discreet fixed or mobile positions” and was to be performed “independently and outside of the purview of local law enforcement.”

The information comes from an FBI agent who leaked the information to The Canada Free Press. “Listen to what I am saying,” the agent said during an interview with Doug Hagmann, founder (NEIN).  “The Department of Homeland Security Intelligence Assessment that is receiving so much attention is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and the true patriotic citizens of this country are on the Titanic. This is what bothers me. But is goes far beyond that assessment. There have been very significant changes made over the last few years that redirect the focus and assets of the intelligence community internally. These changes have greatly accelerated under this administration, and the threats have been redefined to include those who used to be patriots. It’s not only chilling but absolutely insulting to God-fearing Americans.”

Frankly, I’m not surprised, really.  In fact, I might think that “laxity” might be a word that would come to mind if they ignored the whole thing like Obama is said to have “unaware” of the gatherings of hundreds of thousands of people.  I bet they were monitoring the illegal alien marches of year or so ago too.

My problem lies in conjunction with the DHS report and other news bits that seem to give the indication that security and other focuses are being moved from being external to being refocused to internal and with a large sector of the population as that target.

Yeah, folks that used to be considered “America First” (notice I left off the word “Blame” as being first) patriots….

Manchester Tea Party

Yesterday was the Tea Party in Manchester, NH.  What a glorious day – beautiful weather, a great crowd (boisterous by VERY well behaved – Manchester Police were amazed) full of people that love liberty, understand freedom, want to see the ideals of our Founding Fathers as enumerated in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution preserved, and tired of being slammed by a runaway Government at all levels.

Mix in great speakers and you end up with a stem winder of a day (GraniteGrok has lots of pictures, video, and full audio of all the speakers in various posts).

Speaking of stemwinders, Jack Kimball was one of the invited speakers and HE GAVE A STEMWINDER that excited the crowd!

To listen to Jack, click here.

To listen to all the speeches, click here.

A number of Patriots attended both to attend and to help provide security for the event.  In fact, Skip Murphy of GraniteGrok had the chance to speak as well and used Andrew Philipe’s sign (“Can we bankrupt the country?  YES WE CAN!”) as a “teleprompter” to get the crowd to roar back “NO HE WON’T!”.

Gates Calls for Cuts to High-Tech Weapons Programs

It’s unbelievable but Obama is cutting key, already proven, Military weapons programs as well as new weapons systems needed by our troops.  All of this at a time of war.  See the article that just came out. From Fox News:

Defense Secretary Robert Gates announces a broad range of cuts to weapons spending, saying he plans to slash programs ranging from a new helicopter for the president to production of the $140 billion F-22 fighter jet.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday recommended a broad range of budgetary cuts to high-tech weapons programs, including production of the F-22 fighter jet.

In a move that won mixed reviews from lawmakers on Capitol Hill, Gates said his $534 billion budget proposal represents a “fundamental overhaul” in defense acquisition and reflects a shift in priorities from fighting conventional wars to the newer threats U.S. forces face from insurgents in places such as Afghanistan.

He called for production of the F-22 jet to stop at 187 jets. The U.S. military has 183 jets in service now, so just four more would be funded as part of the fiscal 2009 supplemental budget if President Obama approves the recommendations. The planes cost $140 million each.

Lockheed Martin has already warned that ending this production would result in the loss of more than 90,000 jobs.

Plans to build a new helicopter for the president and a helicopter to rescue downed pilots would also be canceled. A new communications satellite would be scrapped and the program for a new Air Force transport plane would be ended.

Some of the Pentagon’s most expensive programs would also be scaled back. The Army’s $160 billion Future Combat Systems modernization program would lose its armored vehicles. Plans to build a shield to defend against missile attacks by rogue states would also be scaled back.

To fight new threats from insurgents, Gates is proposing more funding for special forces and other tools.

“In many ways, my recommendations represent a cumulative outcome of a lifetime spent in the national security arena — but above all, questions asked, experience gained and lessons learned from over two years of leading this department, and in particular, from our experience in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Gates said.

He said his recommendations would “profoundly reform” the way the Defense Department does business.

“We must re-balance this department’s programs in order to institutionalize and finance our capabilities to fight the wars we are in today and the scenarios we are most likely to face in the years ahead, while at the same time providing a hedge against other risks and contingencies,” he said.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the 2008 GOP presidential nominee, said in a written statement that Gates’ plan was a “major step in the right direction.”

“It has long been necessary to shift spending away from weapon systems plagued by scheduling and cost overruns to ones that strike the correct balance between the needs of our deployed forces and the requirements for meeting the emerging threats of tomorrow,” he said.

But Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., in YouTube video posted on his Senate Web site, said he was “very disappointed” Obama was preparing to cut back the military budget in a time of war, while he’s increasing spending everywhere else.

“I can’t believe what we heard today,” he said. “Right now we have our men and women in uniform, in harm’s way, and we hear an announcement we’re gutting … our military.”

Inhofe and five other senators sent a letter to Obama opposing what they called “deep cuts in U.S. missile defense programs that are critically important to protecting our homeland and our allies against the growing threat of ballistic missiles.”

The promised emphasis on budget paring is a reversal from the Bush years, which included a doubling of the Pentagon’s spending since 2001.

Yet some programs would grow. Gates proposed speeding up production of the F-35 fighter jet, which could end up costing $1 trillion to manufacture and maintain 2,443 planes. The military would buy more speedy ships that can operate close in to land. And more money would be spent outfitting special forces troops that can hunt down insurgents.

The Government Accountability Office reported last week that 96 of the Pentagon’s biggest weapons contracts were over budget by a “staggering” figure of $296 billion.

A bill in Congress would require the Pentagon to do a better job of making sure proposed weapons are affordable and perform the way they should before the military spends big sums on them. The Defense Department has already adjusted its acquisitions policy to achieve some of those goals.

Newt Gingrich: A Single Nuke Could Destroy America

A sword of Damocles hangs over our heads. It is a real threat that has been all but ignored.

On Feb. 3, Iran launched a “communications satellite” into orbit. At this very moment, North Korea is threatening to do the same. The ability to launch an alleged communications satellite belies a far more frightening truth. A rocket that can carry a satellite into orbit also can drop a nuclear warhead over any location on the planet in less than 45 minutes.

Far too many timid or uninformed sources maintain that a single launch of a missile poses no true threat to the United States, given our retaliatory power.

A reality check is in order and must be discussed in response to such an absurd claim: In fact, one small nuclear weapon, delivered by an ICBM can destroy the United States by maximizing the effect of the resultant electromagnetic pulse upon detonation.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is a byproduct of detonating an atomic bomb above the Earth’s atmosphere. When a nuclear weapon is detonated in space, the gamma rays emitted trigger a massive electrical disturbance in the upper atmosphere. Moving at the speed of light, this overload will short out all electrical equipment, power grids and delicate electronics on the Earth’s surface. In fact, it would take only one to three weapons exploding above the continental United States to wipe out our entire grid and transportation network. It might take years to recover from, if ever.

This is not science fiction. If you doubt this, spend a short amount of time skimming the Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack from April 2008. You will come away sobered.

Even as the new administration plans to spend trillions on economic bailouts, it has announced plans to reduce funding and downgrade efforts for missile defense. Furthermore, the United States’ reluctance to invest in a modern and credible traditional nuclear deterrent is a serious concern. What good will a bailout be if there is no longer a nation to bail out?

Fifty years ago, it was not Sputnik itself that sent a dire chill of warning around the world; it was the capability of the rocket that launched Sputnik. The rocket that lofted Sputnik into orbit also could have served as an ICBM.

Yet for all its rhetoric, the Soviet Union was essentially a rational power that recognized the threat of mutual destruction and thus never stepped to the edge.

The world is different today. Intercontinental range missiles tipped with nuclear weapons in the hands of leaders driven by fanaticism, leaders that support global terrorism, leaders that have made repeated threats that they will seek our annihilation . . . can now at last achieve that dream in a matter of minutes.

Those who claim that there is little to fear from Iran or North Korea because “at best” they will have only one or two nuclear weapons ignore the catastrophic level of threat we now face from just “a couple” of nuclear weapons.

Again: One to three missiles tipped with nuclear weapons and armed to detonate at a high altitude — to achieve the strongest EMP over the greatest area of the United States — would create an EMP “overlay” that triggers a continent-wide collapse of our entire electrical, transportation, and communications infrastructure.

Within weeks after such an attack, tens of millions of Americans would perish. The impact has been likened to a nationwide Hurricane Katrina. Some studies estimate that 90 percent of all Americans might very well die in the year after such an attack as our transportation, food distribution, communications, public safety, law enforcement, and medical infrastructures collapse.

We most likely would never recover from the blow.

Two things need to be done now and without delay:

1. Make clear in the strongest of terms that, if either Iran or North Korea launches a rocket on a trajectory headed toward the territory of the United States, we will shoot it down. The risk of not doing so is beyond acceptable. And if they construe this as an act of war, so be it, for they fired the first shot. The risk of sitting back for 30 minutes and praying it is not an EMP strike is beyond acceptable, beyond rational on our part.

2. Funding for EMP defense must be a top national priority. To downgrade or halt our missile defense program, which at last is becoming viable after 25 years of research, would be an action of criminal negligence.

Surely, with such a threat confronting us, a fair and open debate, with full public access and the setting aside of partisan politics, is in order. In the meantime, a policy must be stated today that we will indeed shoot down any missile aimed towards the United States that is fired by Iran or North Korea. America’s survival, your survival, and your family’s survival might very well depend on it.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. William Forstchen is the author of “One Second After,” an account of a town struggling to survive after an EMP weapon is used against the United States.

[Editor’s Note: Get William Forstchen’s book depicting a nuclear EMP attack, “One Second After” — Go here now.]


Welcome to the Web Site of the Granite State Patriots.  This organization was established with the main purpose of supporting our Troops, here on the Home Front, by actively countering any and all Anti-American, Anti-Israeli, Pro-Terrorist and Anti-Military demonstrations within a 60 mile radius of Portsmouth, NH.  I am a US Navy Veteran who served during the Vietnam conflict.  I witnessed, first hand, the damage a Liberal Press coupled with Anti-American indoctrination of our kids in our High Schools and Colleges can do.

Back then, no one stood up to it….

The general population allowed it to overwhelm them and we saw what resulted.  We are now witnessing this all, once again.  Only this time, it’s worse.  If the effort succeeds this time, it will mean the end of our country as we know it.  Most of our country has forgotten what happened on September 11, 2001. Since that day, our brave men and women in our Military have been carrying the burden for a country that, for the most part, has no idea what they are doing for us and, in many cases, could care less.  Well, it’s time to wake the country up!  We can do our part on a local level.  We need to be loud and proud.  We have to be willing to stand up and fight this scourge.  If we refuse to do it now then we deserve what we will get.  Right now, in our own Country, we are seeing Anti-Israeli, Anti-American, Pro-Hamas Demonstrations all across our country.  There have even been some in our local areas. What this means is that there is already a substantial influence of Terrorist supporters that stretch across our country.  What was amazing to me was the general lack of response from people who clearly disagree with these folks.  Thus, the creation of the Granite State Patriots.  We will take up the call.  We will show up and make our presence felt in a large way.  We will get the publicity, we will put up videos of our counter Demonstrations on YouTube and other medias so our Troops can see, first hand, that the people at home are doing something about this.  I am confident that once other States see what we are doing, they will follow suit. We need to be the leaders, we need to set the example.  The time is now!  We need every Patriot to join us.

Our Country is at a turning point and it is up to us, Patriotic Americans, to influence which direction that turns out to be.  Recently, we have seen our new President and his Democratic Congress, sign legislation that is launching our country into Socialism.  This is all being done without our consent and will result in a major financial disaster for our great country.  In addition, we have seen cabinet selection after cabinet selection either voluntarily drop out or be forced to withdraw their nominations due to tax dishonesty etc.  So much for change we can believe in.  We have seen this President dishonor our Medal of Honor recipients by refusing to attend the Inaugural Ball in their honor.  He also wants to reduce Military Spending at a time of war (reduce the budget requested by the Joint Chiefs) and he intends to eliminate proven Military Systems already in place such as our Anti Missile Defense System, the YF-22 Raptor Stealth Fighter and several others.  He wants to pull our Troops out of Iraq and snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory.  He has signed an Executive Order to shut down Guantanimo Bay with no plan to place the Terrorist Prisoners elsewhere.  He has halted all Terrorist Trials and dropped all charges against the Terrorist that organized and executed the attack on the USS Cole.  He has ordered that all “out of country” Terrorist Prisoner detentions centers be closed.  He also intends to unilaterally reduce our nuclear arsenal.  Clearly, this is not a President that supports our troops or has the security of our country in mind.

This site will primarily focused on supporting our Troops and their mission (which is Victory) on the War on Terror and, in my view, there is only one war.  It simply has 3 fronts.  Iraq, Afghanistan and here at home.  However, we will also publish important information regarding issues that will detrimentally affect our Constitution and our Country.  We will be watching this President very closely.  Please take a look at our platform and if it meets with your approval,  join us.